Robin Howe Bio
Robin is a fifth generation Santa Barbara resident, dad, songwriter, producer, surfer and tennis player.  As a songwriter, he focuses on writing and performing songs with authentic emotion, attempting to draw people away from their thinking and into the present. 

As a producer he is committed to capturing the very same for the artists – eliciting the most honest performances by creating a safe and encouraging space at the same time realizing the importance of levity.

After many years of performing and recording in bands and projects with many artists (some well-known, some inspired new-comers) he is prepared to take on any project however fledgling or professional. 

What his middle school teachers once collectively wrote about him still stands true:

“He is someone everyone wants to hug.  He’s always happy and makes people laugh.  A musician, a surfer and a unique body language, he is perceptive about people’s feelings and serious, honest and sincere.  Thank you for sharing your music, your smile and your joy of life with us.”

Robin's personal thank-you’s:

I am grateful for my family who is my inspiration for all that I do.  They are the muse for many of my songs; and they bring absolute meaning to my life. They are the huge support that allows me to keep doing what I love the most.  

I am in immense gratitude for the musicians who play on my albums 

and record and perform live for the love of doing music and making a

difference.  Doing what you love the most is your purpose in life.  I am blessed to know I have found this so resolutely. 

Near and dear to my heart is how important my close friends are to me - the support they give and the sounding board that they are, is immeasurable. 

Also, I am so aware of all the people who are in my life that support me indirectly like those at my day job and my friends and acquaintances who I bump into on the street or on social media.

I feel deep appreciation and humility towards the fans of my music that keep me coming out to share what I create.

Thank you,

Robin - Human Being